Talking about natural beekeeping

In April I hope to give a presentation about natural beekeeping. For me a challenge, it will be the first time for me to talk about looking after my bees to an audience. I know I can talk till the cows come home about bees to my Api friends, but this is different. These people are going to pay the local nature school to hear me!! Oh gosh I hope I get it all together. I am a chaotic talker….. This is going to be very hard…..   At this moment I am trying to put together a power point presentation that will be interesting, not too wordy but informative enough. I went to such a meeting last month. It was given by a man who knew a great deal about birds of prey.  He was very good. He had wonderful photo’s, spent hours outside in camoflage tents to get just that picture. A really interesting presentation. It was that evening that I saw my own name on the upcoming events list. I had forgotten all about ever saying yes to a friends request to give a talk….

Now I have seen how good they can be…. I am terrified.  Any kind of tips that my two readers might have for me could come in very handy…..

I have three hives that seem at this time to still be safe. Our weather is very changeable so I haven’t seen them flying outside yet. I have been taking mashed up honey and fondant to them weekly just in case they need it. I always think of this time as worrying. you will all share that I’m sure. My apiculturist friend, Johannes, lost all six of his bee colonies in January. If ‘my’ bees do do well then we have quite some high expectancies of our bees because they have 12 new hives to provide new bees for and I would like to get as many as possible of those new bees from swarming and not from splits.

About Lindylou

I try to worthy of my bees. I do my best to treat them as the fantastic creatures that I think they are. I delight in them and worry about them. I work hard at learning to let well alone. Trusting the bees to know what is best for them.... Mortifying but also rewarding
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  1. Karen says:

    greetings from oxford Lindy! 🙂 i am sure your talk will be great. if i can give you some advice: dont try to do too much. stick to two or three subjects/points you want to make and explain them well with a small number Of power point pages. i am sure there is lots of time for questions ans discussing afterwards to tell people more. secondly, set yourself a certain amount of time per subject/point to keep your talk structureD and so that you can say all you want to say. you can either check the time yourself or have Ruurd in the audience give you a signal. lastly, enjoy it! i am sure it will be a great experience to share your views! big hug!

    • lindylou says:

      Hallo Karen, I did press approve but it seems it didn’t work properly. Had you seen that Noodbijbees staat and not Noordbijbees…. I will have to fix that. Thank you for your advice. I asked Johannes to be the person in the audience you recommended.

  2. Johannes Hellenthal says:


    je hebt nek uit gestoken wat ik zeer bewonder!!
    En je hebt al heel wat kennis opgedaan , dat is geen probleem:
    Mijn gedacht stel je niet op als een BD imker die alles al weet.
    Vertel waar om het j zo je een ding werd.
    Vertel je ervaringen als beginnend Bd imker.
    en vertel hoe je dat doet en hoe het je is vergaan.
    En waar de Bd imkerij voor staat.
    Een beter biologisch milieu en zo.
    en over Reiderwold en het park en het Landras.
    En NoordBij!
    Als dat een beetje op rij zet in Poiwerpoin met foto,s
    Gaat je goed lukken.

  3. solarbeez says:

    I’m the same way…I can talk with one or two people about bees, but get me up in front of a crowd and I get nervous. I think you’ll do fine once you get started. Just pretend the audience is one or two people.
    Do you need any bee photos? Bees on flowers? I’ve got quite a few. Even some videos of bees swarming.
    I’m not sure how I would send videos, but I’ve got a bunch of still photos I can send if you give me your email address…let me know.
    Oregon Coast, USA

    • lindylou says:

      Thank you, I am getting used to the idea now. I have a couple of weeks yet and ideas are crystallising. Photo’s and video’s would be very welcome.

    • Johannes Hellenthal says:


      De werkbij heeft varoagaas 33×38 cm
      Ben benieuwd wat het zaterdag kost

  4. Paul says:


    I did a presentation to our local allotment (gardening) society. They already have a normal hive and they wanted to know about Natural Beekeeping. I can email you the presentation. It is in English, 7MB, and the format is .odp (that’s the OpenOffice equivalent of Powerpoint), but I think I can save it as a Powerpoint presentation.

    I had help with writing it from someone who used to do lots of presentations, and planned it as a 30-45 minute presentation. But while the presentation is good I talked for about 2 hours 8) There was no time limit because we did it at my house and they stayed because they were interested. Once you get talking about something which interests you, and the audience is asking sensible questions, your nervousness will vanish.

    The presentation worked, I got permission to put a TBH next to their other hive!

    You can contact me for the file through the contact form on the site

    • Lindylou says:

      Hallo Paul, thank you very much for your wonderful offer.I would very much like to accept. Tomorrow is our national Bio-dynamic (imker = beeks) day. I will try to write something about it on the site later. I do know that the poem by Vergilius is going to be talked about. Have you ever heard of bees not liking taxus trees and shrubs. In the Vergilus poem it states that they should be axed. I hope to learn more about this tomorrow. I like taxus shrubs and trees very much myself.

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