The Yellow Bringer of Death

Wat zij zegt, boeren waren toch de mensen onder ons die voedsel verbouwd voor de anderen. Zij waren bezig met leven vroeger….. wat is hun modus operandi tegenwoordig?

Natural Beekeeping Trust - Sun Hive Bees

White horse

The air is warm on this pleasant evening in early spring, the warmest day of the year so far.  On the far distant horizon is the hill where sits a large and enigmatic chalk horse, cut as a monument into the grass by our bronze age ancestors thousands of years past. Near at hand, the crop in the gently rolling field is just coming into bloom. In its middle is a solitary walnut tree.

On the newly opening flowers hum bumble bees and honeybees. A pair of butterflies dances low over the crop, darting between the plants. In the sky overhead larks sing on the wing. Their nests are below, perhaps in the crop-free wheel lines that traverse the field. It is difficult to imagine a more harmonious or peaceful scene.

But something else quite unexpected intrudes upon this gentle idyll.  To the murmur of the bees and the trilling…

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About Lindylou

I try to worthy of my bees. I do my best to treat them as the fantastic creatures that I think they are. I delight in them and worry about them. I work hard at learning to let well alone. Trusting the bees to know what is best for them.... Mortifying but also rewarding
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