NFU want to re-introduce neonics

Even uw gedachten hier zorgvuldig over laten gaan

Oxfordshire Natural Beekeeping Group

The NFU is pressuring DEFRA to allow them to use neonicotinoid pesticides, now the mandatory 2 year ban imposed by Europe is due for review. Whilst the ban was in place, there seems to have been negligible impact on crops (perhaps ~5%, but then yields vary a lot from year to year anyway due to varying weather conditions, etc.) whilst wildlife is beginning to recover.

The main environmental groups in the UK have banded together as the Bee Coalition and have just sent a letter to Ministers asking that the NFU request be denied due to the growing evidence of long term harm to pollinators.

A couple of comments in passing

NFU policy is allegedly dominated by the large grain farmers; while the majority of dairy and organic farmers who do not favour neonics are sidelined.

The BBKA is not a member of the Bee Coalition.

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I try to worthy of my bees. I do my best to treat them as the fantastic creatures that I think they are. I delight in them and worry about them. I work hard at learning to let well alone. Trusting the bees to know what is best for them.... Mortifying but also rewarding
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1 Response to NFU want to re-introduce neonics

  1. Eddy Winko says:

    I remember hearing about this at the time, I believe they managed to get permission to use neonics in the end, although it was restricted to a certain area.

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