A House for Us

Back again after a very long time. I wanted to look up something I knew I had written earlier regarding pesticides on shop/nursery bought plants after reading one of the six on Saturday blogs concerning potting plants and peat and that led me to see that my last blog entry was just before Christmas 2015. πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜”

Today it is August 24th 2021. We have been preparing ground for building a house during the foregone 5 years. That has been a time of frequent very hard work.

The two of us enjoying autumn sunshine October 2020

Our house is now very nearly our home, we have been sleeping here since the second week of August, so we are waking up more rested nowadays.

December 2020

Our dark bees in their einraumbeute hives are also thriving probably mostly due to benign neglect. There is plenty of forage in our different garden areas, they don’t have to fly far to fill their pollen baskets.

We also have quite a few different sorts of butterflies, Skippers, Red Admirals, Icarus blues, Peacocks, Gatekeepers, Meadow Brown’s, Painted Ladies and some quite large moths Red Housemother and we recently found the elephant caterpillar of the Evening red moth as well, bats too and lots of different birds some of whom come right up close to the walls of the house where we have terrace doors, somehow they don’t seem bothered by us or by our dogs and cats.

We even have woodpeckers which I think is awesome. For me they are really wild woodland birds and yet I see them daily flitting through the branches of the trees in the garden. It makes me feel that we really have found an unspoilt bit of our planet to enjoy for however long we may be given to care for.

Our two dogs and our two cats get fed raw meat and fish diet and I was wondering if that might be the reason that they don’t show any interest in hunting birds here which somehow or other lets the birds not feel threatened.

We are so very busy with getting the house finished and the tiled area all around the house which was the most recent biggest job here requiring professional help, it got finished two days before our silver wedding anniversary.

I will get a grip on what has to be done outside in the different garden areas but probably not earlier than next growing season.

Today we put our bookshelves back together. The shelves and dividers have been lying in our barn for the last few years. They survived that very well, I re-oiled them during the past couple of days and polished them out today. This afternoon we put everything back together and pushed the whole thing up against the living room wall. Tomorrow we will go book box hunting in the barn.

This was just a little update for anyone interested in my ramblings. I do follow other peoples blogs but I have had to put my literary efforts on hold. Hopefully as our house becomes more of our home and rest and recuperation from the building years give me other energy I may find myself able to blog again. Keep Happy and Safe Everyone.

About Lindylou

I try to worthy of my bees. I do my best to treat them as the fantastic creatures that I think they are. I delight in them and worry about them. I work hard at learning to let well alone. Trusting the bees to know what is best for them.... Mortifying but also rewarding
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3 Responses to A House for Us

  1. Paul says:

    It is great that you have time to blog again. Welcome back to the Internet.
    The house looks lovely. I like the baby house next to it (the shed in the same style) – very cute. You are lucky to have so many trees around!
    I hope the book is not lonely for long πŸ˜‰

    • Lindylou says:

      We are lucky that the barn escaped the arson fire set by the previous owners. It’s 15×8 meters and dry. After we did some serious plumbing we had running tap water and a flushing toilet in there so not all was not hardship in the sticks. We have been able to store all of our furniture and most of our clothes in the barn after we sold our previous house. The roof tiles on the barn are orangey red clay and when we came to choosing the metal roof for our ‘almost passive house’ we chose the terra colour to get this match. Fine that you noticed Paul.

  2. Eddy Winko says:

    Good to hear that you are both well and the progress is fantastic, love the house πŸ™‚

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