In 2011 I had my first encounter with a “getting to know bees” event at a local bee keepers club. That earned me my first hive of bees and my first attempt at hiving a swarm of bees. By 2013 I had decided that if I wished to continue with this hobby it would be better for me to find a hardier bee to cope with the weather we have where I live. This decision brought me into contact with Johannes. He and I talked for hours about the native black bee one evening in May 2013. From this meeting grew an ambition to have our own black bee sanctuary to try to make provision that the Apis Mellifera  mellifera can once again become the Native Black Bee in this country. It didn’t take long before 4 friends had joined us and we became Noordbijbees. This blog has been started to tell anyone interested about our adventures.

In mei 2011 maakte ik kennis met bijen via een lokale imker vereniging. Ik volgde een cursus en kreeg mijn eerste volk. Ook ving ik mijn eerste zwerm. Ik verloor ook mijn bijen en wist dat als ik met dit hobby verder wilde dat ik liever met inheemse bijen om wilde gaan. Zodoende maakte ik kennis met Johannes. Van ons ontmoeting in mei 2013 groeide een verlangen om een schuiloord te ontwikkelen waar de nogal verguisde zwarte bij een echte kans kon krijgen om haar rechtmatige plaats weer te nemen in Nederland. Vier vrienden wilden meedoen en zodoende is Noordbijbees opgericht. Met dit blog hopen wij interessante verhalen over onze avonturen aan jullie te kunnen vertellen.


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  1. Erwin Mary & Lill Rudo says:

    Very nice Lindy! See you soon x Erwin Mary & Li’l Rudo

    • lindylou says:

      Thank you too Erwin, Without your help this wouldn’t have got this far. Still needs some fine tuning and I think I need a different header picture, over the whole page for instance. My little speedy bee can stay where she is but it would be good to have a proper broad header but I don’t know how to get it.

  2. bellouccello says:

    Greetings from Nova Scotia. We recently were asked to speak about the honey bees and biodynamic beekeeping. Like you we wondered what “information” would be the best to share and then the bees had an interesting thing to say to us—-it is more about a Feeling of what a Hive is and its true nature as a supraorganism. Once people have a connection through a
    picture and feeling, the details are easy enough to find out about. So we made our presentation a “hive” event, with the screen having a swarm in process with the sound of the swarm and then we had people close their eyes and Imagine actually being a hive themselves and how their cells (the bees) left their body as the sun came up in the East and the amazing life-giving experiences of love and light which the honey bee brings to create the world we live in. This is a feeling and the heart and not the head was inspired. Another thing we do is have a small group of people show the expansion of the hive in the summer and then come back together in the winter spiraling withing the hive. This is such a beautiful picture of the living Being which we call the Hive. All the best in your presentation. Cheers Bello Bees

    • Lindylou says:

      If I am asked again I think that idea with a swarming family of bees with the sound could be a very awe inspiring experience. Thank you

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