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The Yellow Bringer of Death

Originally posted on Natural Beekeeping Trust – Sun Hive Bees:
The air is warm on this pleasant evening in early spring, the warmest day of the year so far.  On the far distant horizon is the hill where sits a…

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Chemicaliën routinematig toegepast op Koolzaad

Al jaar en dag is het de gewoonte onder veel imkers hun bijen te brengen naar de rijkbloeiende koolzaad velden in ons mooie provincie. Maar weten wij (imkers) hoeveel chemicaliën routinematig toegepast worden op een akker met koolzaad? Volgens Dave Goulson, … Continue reading

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Relief – Opluchting

/> As you hopefully can see, I have seen bees from my three hives alive and well. Sunday morning March 8th I drove to the nature reserve Reiderwolde, 20 minutes from my home. I knew I wouldn’t have long for … Continue reading

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Talking about natural beekeeping

In April I hope to give a presentation about natural beekeeping. For me a challenge, it will be the first time for me to talk about looking after my bees to an audience. I know I can talk till the … Continue reading

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